Freedom of Information Requests

Freedom of Information requests within the last 180 days for Jobs and careers.

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FOI ID Title Received date
9860200 T Level industry placements 26th May 2023
9842372 HR and Payroll Systems 24th May 2023
9667732 Location of your HRPS System Team 27th Apr 2023
9630441 council vehicle usage 21st Apr 2023
9614876 Working Abroad 19th Apr 2023
9637036 Temporary Labour Usage in your London Borough 18th Apr 2023
9556053 Agency Recruitment 7th Apr 2023
9433704 Relocation Costs 22nd Mar 2023
9347553 Directly employed staff 10th Mar 2023
9306959 Provision of internal Car Club/ Pool Cars 6th Mar 2023
9124245 Union Funding 3rd Feb 2023
9124144 Trade Union Representatives 3rd Feb 2023
9119944 Working from Home 3rd Feb 2023
9119744 equality, diversity, and unconscious bias training 3rd Feb 2023
9077348 Zero Hours Contracts 27th Jan 2023
9070717 Interim / Temporary and Contract workers 26th Jan 2023
8898896 The Royal Borough of Greenwich request for information on pay bandings for internal staff (Trade staff) 4th Jan 2023
8924902 Ethnicity of council employees 2nd Jan 2023
8858341 Barnet Council employee data 19th Dec 2022
8895875 Annual expenditure on teaching agencies for supply teacher purposes 15th Dec 2022