Freedom of Information Requests

Freedom of Information requests within the last 180 days for Fostering, adoption and looked after children.

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FOI ID Title Received date
7657360 Commissioning processes for providers of accommodation and/or support in respect to looked after children 17th Sep 2021
7662360 Apprentice Social Workers within children and family department 13th Sep 2021
7654896 Forced Marriages and FGM. 13th Sep 2021
7635840 concerns about a children/vulnerable adults living in poor/unsuitable housing conditions 8th Sep 2021
7649132 Number of young people aged 11 to 16 that were not in education because of mental health or anxiety 7th Sep 2021
7626976 Looked After Children 3rd Sep 2021
7626476 Migrant unaccompanied minors 3rd Sep 2021
7627276 Youth Offending Service 3rd Sep 2021
7616448 Referral pathways between Children's Social Care and Early Help Services 31st Aug 2021
7599156 Specification for the Regional Framework for Supported Accommodation 20th Aug 2021
7569164 The EU Settlement Scheme 12th Aug 2021
7556736 CIC Missing & Exploitation during COVID Lockdown 11th Aug 2021
7576496 Alleged Abductions by Close Family Member's 11th Aug 2021
7550672 Free School Meals and the Covid Winter Grant scheme 9th Aug 2021
7558736 Families accommodated under Children Act 6th Aug 2021
7549572 Number of Looked After Children placed with family members outside of the United Kingdom 5th Aug 2021
7543676 Youth services funding and provision 4th Aug 2021
7535580 Looked After Children 2nd Aug 2021
7535080 UASCs 2nd Aug 2021
7530680 Provision under s508 and s507a and b of the Education Act 1996, as amended 29th Jul 2021
7501356 Details on Family Support Practitioners 19th Jul 2021
7501956 The Graded Care Profile and Graded Care Profile 2 19th Jul 2021
7500956 Closure, sale or transfer of childcare settings 15th Jul 2021
7500556 Subsistence payments to families with No Recourse to Public Funds seeking access to support under section 17 of the Children Act 1989. 15th Jul 2021
7483996 Children missing from care 14th Jul 2021
7468232 Head of Youth Offending Service 9th Jul 2021
7481896 Adoption "no contact" orders 9th Jul 2021
7461400 Young People's Services and Short Breaks 7th Jul 2021
7461200 Parent and child fostering placements 7th Jul 2021
7460900 Domestic Homicide Reviews 5th Jul 2021
7460400 Number of Children subject to a Child in Need Plan and Child Protection Plans 5th Jul 2021
7441636 Early years funding formula 29th Jun 2021
7441936 Looked After Children and Care Leavers & the EUSS 29th Jun 2021
7442736 Children taken into Care 25th Jun 2021
7442536 Foster Care Allowances 23rd Jun 2021
7442837 Transitions Team Details 22nd Jun 2021
7420042 Support in regards to referrals for therapy due to depression 21st Jun 2021
7419940 Missing children in relation to Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Criminal Exploitation in the UK 21st Jun 2021
7419242 Youth Centres and Budget 21st Jun 2021
7419540 Youth Centres 18th Jun 2021
7419040 UASC received under the National Transfer Scheme 17th Jun 2021
7417540 Specialist car seats to children with disabilities 8th Jun 2021
7385980 Digital inclusion policies relating to children in care and care-leavers 7th Jun 2021
7371484 Children's Services 3rd Jun 2021
7388581 Outcomes for children placed in parent-and-child fostering placements 26th May 2021
7352120 Children in Care and Asylum Seekers 20th May 2021
7329056 Disabled children's occupational therapy (OT) services 14th May 2021
7328756 Unaccompanied Asylum Seeker Children 14th May 2021
7303360 Children's safeguarding monitoring 10th May 2021
7322256 Systems used in Children's Social Care, Early Help, Education Services & SEND 10th May 2021
7286133 Looked After Children - April 2021 4th May 2021
7285232 Missing Children and Return Home Interviews 30th Apr 2021
7285032 Referrals/Assessments to Children's Service and Ethnicity 29th Apr 2021
7260876 Secondary aged children missing from school since 2014/15 28th Apr 2021
7297729 COVID Winter Grant Scheme 27th Apr 2021
7268704 Sexual Abuse Referrals to the MASH Team 26th Apr 2021
7262505 Provision of supported accommodation for children and young people aged 16-24 22nd Apr 2021
7262104 Residential Children's services and Children's Homes Provision 22nd Apr 2021
7237780 Foster Care 2021 20th Apr 2021