Barnet Labour Group announces top five commitments after taking majority control of the council


Jessica Frank-Keyes/LondonWorld

Jessica Frank-Keyes/LondonWorld

Barnet Labour group now has majority control of the council following local elections on Thursday 5 May. 

Labour won 41 seats and Conservatives took 22 seats with the provisional voter turnout being 97,480 (37.9%). 

More than 250 Barnet Council employees worked through the night to count the votes from 24 wards and the full results are available online

Following the result, the Leader of the Labour Group, Cllr Barry Rawlings, thanked residents and laid out their new commitments to change in the borough: 

“I want to thank residents for putting their trust in us.  

"This is a historic election result, and it gives us a big mandate for change which is a huge responsibility. 

“We are already working on our promise to you to rebate residents the 1% council tax increase imposed in March, and to focus the Council on getting the basics right. 

"At the count, after the election result was announced, I declared a climate emergency in Barnet, and we will soon be establishing our Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change so we can work with you to put sustainability at the heart of everything the Council does. 

“We went into this election with a vision for Barnet where our neighbourhoods feel safe for everyone, where our high streets and town centres thrive and are better connected, where people earn a living wage and can afford to buy a home, and where they can live close to family.  

“We will deliver on our top five pledges to you, and we will work with you to achieve the change that you voted for, to create a better Barnet.”

Barnet Labour Group’s top five commitments to Barnet:

  1. Rebate residents this year's 1% council tax increase and keep council tax low. 
  2. Protect and enhance green spaces and declare an immediate climate emergency.
  3. Invest in more CCTV, better lighting and community safety hubs. 
  4. Protect weekly bin collections & bring back the community skips service.
  5. Stand up to developers for more affordable homes and against tower-block blight.
Jessica Frank-Keyes/LondonWorld

Jessica Frank-Keyes/LondonWorld

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Jessica Frank-Keyes/LondonWorld