Helping Barnet's women and girls stay safe


Unfortunately, many women and girls in Barnet are subject to severe crimes such as domestic abuse and sexual violence. As a council, we’re committed to increasing the safety and wellbeing of our residents. Our programme of prevention includes a new 12-page booklet to help women and girls feel more empowered within their households and in their local communities.

helping barnets women and girls stay safe

helping barnets women and girls stay safe

It is also important to stress that while violent crimes are still being committed, London remains one of the safest cities in the world. The Metropolitan Police have established a number of different initiatives to keep our borough safe, including the specialist Predatory Offender Units to arrest and charge those who carry out violence.

While we continuously work on preventative measures to stop these crimes from happening, we hope that women and girls of all ages across Barnet find this booklet useful. 

Inside, we’ve included:
•    Help for keeping safe on the streets
•    How to report a hate crime
•    Domestic abuse support service

You can download the VAWG booklet here.

Glossary Title

Violence against women and girls