Message from Cllr Dan Thomas, Leader of Barnet Council


We in Barnet stand united, proud of what our hugely talented, diverse national football team achieved in Euro 2020. The whole team are inspiring role models to millions of young people across the country, and they deserve to be lauded for what they accomplished. The shocking racism and hate speech in the wake of Sunday’s final has no place in our society.

Council Leader, Cllr Dan Thomas

Council Leader, Cllr Dan Thomas

I’m also proud of the staunch anti-racist stance we take in this borough and condemn the vile and cowardly incidents targeting some members of our communities that are being brought to our attention. We will work with the Metropolitan Police to ensure all reported cases of racial abuse are investigated and culprits are held accountable.

Barnet Council is committed to advancing equality, tackling discrimination and ensuring diversity and inclusion are integral to everything the council does.

Our Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion Policy sets out our vision and action plan for the next four years, which aims to ensure the borough is a place that is fair, inclusive and safe for everyone who lives, works or studies here.

The action plan sets out how the council will shape services for residents which actively address inequality and exclusion, as well as the high standards the council will continue to expect of itself. It also outlines the council’s commitment to go above and beyond the legal duties which local authorities must fulfil.

We live in a borough where we truly value the diverse nature of our communities and the cohesive way in which we live together. No one will take this away from us. Together, we are Barnet.